Brandon Hilkert on Fuse

I was invited to record an episode of Fuse discussing my career path and some of the decisions we’ve made at Bark.

Brandon Hilkert on Code Story

I was invited to record an episode of Code Story detailing my career path, Bark’s product evolution, and technical challengs of building a Data Science company.

My Ruby Story on The Ruby Rogues Podcast

I was invited to give an overview of my my career path – going from a Mechanical Engineering to desktop support, to development, specifically Ruby on Rails. It also touches on my contributions to open source projects like Sidekiq and Sucker Punch.

Brandon Hilkert on the Rotated Views Podcast

I was invited to record an episode of the Rotated Views Podcast to discuss my career path, outside interests, and software development.

Building Ruby Gems on The Ruby Rogues Podcast

In 2016, I was invited to record an episode of The Ruby Rogues podcast to discuss Build a Ruby Gem. Additional topics included: the process for getting started writing a gem, breaking gems up for microservice systems, what it takes to publish a Ruby gem, and good practices around releasing open source software.

Bark at Techcrunch Disrupt NYC 2016

In 2016, Bark was chosen to pitch at Techcrunch Disrupt NYC where we were chosen as finalists. Bark’s subscription service saves parents time by continuously scanning children’s online messages to detect cyberbullying, sexting and signs of depression or suicidal thoughts.

A Path to Services at RubyConf Brazil

In 2015, I spoke at RubyConf Brazil exploring how PipelineDeals moved from an 8 year-old monolithic Rails application to a microservice-based architecture with over 2 years. It touches on inter-service communication, building for resiliency, leveraging tools we already know and love, and deciding which parts of the application are worthy of separation.

A Path to Services at Philly.rb

In 2015, I spoke at Philly.rb detailing how PipelineDeals migrated to a microservices architecture using a custom message bus without introducing new technology. This solution continues to powers PipelineDeals through its growth.

Open Source Software at General Assembly

In 2014, I spoke to a group of General Assembly students and graduates about the importance of Open Source Software to the programming community and how to get start making your first contribution.

Funnel Optimizer at Walnut St. Labs Night Owls

In 2014, I built Funnel Optimizer to help manage CTAs on a marketing site. The core idea being, when a repeat user comes to a page with a CTA they’ve already interacted with, there’s no reason to show the same opt-in form again. Funnel Optimizer allows you to show the repeat visitor a different offer based on how they’ve previously interacted with your site.

Info Products are Products Too… at Walnut St. Labs Startup Meetup

In 2014, I wrote a book, Build a Ruby Gem. This talk was given after the launch of the book exploring why I wrote the book, what’s included and details about the launch.

Build a Ruby Gem at Philly.rb

In 2014, I wrote a book, Build a Ruby Gem. This talk was given in March 2014 and covers the basics of getting started contributing to open source and how to build a Ruby gem from scratch.

How Meeteor Uses MongoDB

In 2010, I helped build Meeteor, which was a social networking application that helped connect you with people that didn’t, but should. We used MongoDB as our primary datastore. This talk explored some of the benefits we recevied along with the change in mindset when developing a relational application that includes non-relational data.