Be Ambitious


On Dec. 31, 2012, I sat around a dinner table with my wife and 4 of our friends. Discussing the upcoming New Year, we went around the table and shared our resolutions. My turn came and I said, “I’m going to finish an Ironman”.

Up until that point, my longest race of any kind was a half marathon - certainly no triathlons. So for me, this was biiiiiiig time. I honestly don’t know if anyone believed what I said that night. I’m not even sure I did. But nonetheless, I had said it out loud in the presence of friends. The same friends I’d later have to explain why I bailed - if I bailed.

But I didn’t bail. On Sept. 21, I finished the ChesapeakeMan in 12 hours and 54 minutes. I spent 3 hours/day, 6 days/week for the prior 30 weeks preparing for that day. It was easily the longest 30 weeks of my life.


During the training, there were a few times I seriously considered quitting. In every one of those moments, I thought back to the scene around that dinner table on New Year’s Eve. I had confidently told 5 other people I was going to finish an Ironman and I didn’t want to have to explain that I quit.

This is accountability…had I not mentioned by goal that night, the only person I would’ve let down is myself - that’s easy to stomach. But knowing others had expectations made it close to impossible for me to quit.


With an Ironman crossed off my list, here we are, one year later. And rather than rely on another dinner party resolution sharing session, I’m documenting my resolution here. So here goes…

This year I’m going to write to write a book.

I never would’ve thought a book would be in my future, but that’s what resolutions are for, right?!?! I also never would’ve guessed I’d finish an Ironman, so why not keep the ball rollin’.

In Summary

Do something ambitious this year. Don’t be the person that plan to lose 20 lbs. and quits going to the gym a week in to it. After my experience this year, I believe everyone is capable of far more than they think.

This could be the year you take that next big step. Whether it’s learning a new language, launching a new product, or finding your dream job. Tell someone about it. I promise you’ll second guess quitting.

Leave a comment with your ambitious goals for 2014.